Our History

Our Mission

TeaCup Girls Inc. is a 501c 3 non- profit organization our mission is help change lives one girl at a time in promoting personal growth and healthy living. 

TeaCup Girls Inc produces results that change the lives of young people.  Our programs help girls make better choices, improve their grades, become motivated, have a positive attitude and have a life changing experience. Children from disadvantage neighborhoods learn life skills that teach them how to eat healthy, think healthy and life a healthy life style.

Atlanta is the number one city where more girls living in poverty than any other city in the United States.  TeaCup Girls Inc. assists these girls with life-changing programs that make a difference. For over 7 years, TeaCup has empowered many girls from the surrounding Metro Atlanta area in low-income communities to Dream it and Achieve it.

Youth Exposure

Each year for the week of Spring Break we take our youth to the mountains to explore new things. Each day we plan an adventurous activities such as visiting the local farm, walking trails through the Talluah Gorge Park and outdoor activities. Many workshops are provided from professional services such as cooking classes with a chef and arts and crafts. 
                            Cooking with Chef D Spring Break Camp 2015

Giving Back

For the past 6 years, TeaCup girls have volunteered at Georgia Perimeter College for Martin Luther King, Jr. A Day On Service Program, where they cleaned local parks, wrote over 300 letters to soldiers in the military and painted a mural that was donated to a local hospital.



For the past 6 years during the Christmas Season, TeaCup served as a site for United Way Toys for Tots and the Marines, where families came to get assistance for toys. TeaCup received and processed application requests from over 200 families annually. We pick-up over 600 toys yearly, from United Way Toys for Tots site. TeaCup girls along with the assistance of other volunteers sort and bag the toys based on application requests and prepare them by labeling each bag with the family name so the families can pick-up the orders. We contact all of the families via telephone or email and provide them with a pick-up time and location for distribution. The girls and volunteers verify the ID of each recipient with the name on the bag/order to ensure proper delivery of the toys.

Making A Difference

TeaCup adopted a Senior Citizen Nursing Homes, where the girls provided manicures for the women, they sang high spirited songs to the residents to put a smile on their faces, they even took special song request and sang to them, and they provided a gift to all of the residences (male and female). TeaCup served as hostesses for the center’s King and Queen Contest, where we served food to each person’s table (because of the residents limited mobility) and we cleaned up the facility after the event. TeaCup strives in making sure the seniors citizens know that we appreciate what they have done for us as a people and we have not forgotten about them.