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Donating dollars allows us to purchase materials, maintain a safe place for program activities, increase the number of services we offer and so much more.

When YOU donate money to TeaCup Girls Inc! You can be assured that each dollar goes directly to supporting an important program and a wonderful cause.



It takes more than just money to keep things at TeaCup Girls Inc! going - school supplies, clothing, and personal care items are also big necessities. Our headquarters host " TeaCup Girls Inc! Closet;" this closet is filled with giveaway items for our young girls to assist in helping them maintain their self image(Inner/Outer) appearance, which will help build their self confidence.  

By donating school supplies, clothing, and personal care items you are helping us raise awareness of the importance that education and self-confidence.

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is valuable and precious… especially when it's given to a TeaCup Girls Inc! Give back with your time, hosting a workshop, a demonstration or become a Volunteer.

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