Free Community Seminar's

FREE Empowerment Workshops!

Girls Ages 5 – 18 

Sparks Christian Academy

5949 Fairrington Rd, Lithonia, GA 

Time: 11:45 am – 4:00 pm

1st &  3rd Saturdays


 TeaCup Girls long term, programming is relevant and responsive to the needs of the girls we serve. All of our seminars are direct service and are provided free -of -charge to paticipants. Our outings and events fees are not included with our free seminars.  By exposing girls to what is possible, they get new ideas about what is possible in their own lives. These experiences, such as the attending an A Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference, visiting the Festivals, Colleges, Spring Break Gala are often what Tea Cup Girls Inc point out as the highlights of their year.
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Program Goals Objectives
Program Goals Objectives
Awards and Incentive Program 
Educational Outings 
Promote Health & Physical Fitness 
Promote Volunteerism 
Improve Methods of Communication 
Provide Social and Cultural Awareness 
Promote Educational and Professional Development 
Build Self – Esteem and Confidence 
Provide Mentoring 
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